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Scary Ferry Hold

Since we moved to this island we’ve been close to the sea. Most people love it and I have to admit that sometimes I find it pretty too, but mainly it makes me nervous, even scared. Especially when we are on the bus to or from the town.

There are several ferry terminals and also even more ferry holds (?). I don’t know the term in English. It’s like a ferry terminal without the buildings. The trouble is the bus ends up so terribly close to the edge. Close to deep water.

I’m scared there will be an accident and we’ll end up in the sea. I tense up and don’t relax until we’re away from there.

If only they would build a terminal building, a wall, fence or at least have the bus stop ten-twenty meters from the edge. It wouldn’t be too far to walk to the ferry.

I’m trying to add photos but WordPress won’t let me, or my phone won’t. I’ll keep trying. Hopefully, it will work sooner or later.

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