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It’s bigger on the inside!

A little update about our caravan, which, I have learned, is also called a travel trailer and a camper. We’ve been able to make almost everything work, except the water in the tap at the sink. The heating works – a bit. Sometimes it’s too cold, sometimes too hot and occasionally, just right. All in all, everything works great. We still love our little home. I know some people actually live in their caravans/campers but most of those people probably don’t have kids. For us, it’s enough that we can stay in it while we’re settling a few things here and on similar outings.

To make it more comfortable we’ll probably buy a few things like a tent. I’m not sure what it’s called in English. It’s a special type of tent that you attach to the side of the caravan. Some of them can almost double the space you have access to, and some are actually made for use all year round. I’d love to have one. So we’ll see how that goes. Since we’re not staying for very long, and it rains almost every day we might not unpack the tent until we get where we’re going to be staying for a longer time.

If we are. If we can get a ‘real’ house we can put the caravan/camper away in a garage or barn or something for the winter. If that’s the best thing to do. Apparently, we have to worry about damp. So it might be better to use it or at least sit in it regularly during the winter and open a window. There’s so much to learn, but almost everything we’ve done so far, has turned out to be quite easy.