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Please help this tiny neglected puppy

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is looking for animal lovers who can donate to help a sweet puppy named Michael. No matter how much this little guy tries, he can’t stand,… More The post Tiny Neglected Puppy Is Too Weak to Stand or Walk – And His Time Is Running Out in a High-Kill Shelter (VIDEO) appeared…

via Tiny Neglected Puppy Is Too Weak to Stand or Walk – And His Time Is Running Out in a High-Kill Shelter (VIDEO) — One Green Planet

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In the woods

We finally did it. We moved up to our cottage in the woods. It’s a lot more primitive than I remembered it and it definitely needs fixing up but there’s such peace here.

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Mother’s Day

Today it’s Mother’s Day in Sweden. For a long time we didn’t really celebrate either Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, thinking it was merely a commercial event. However, in later years we have begun to celebrate even if just a little. Some chocolate, something nice for dinner etc. It also got me thinking about Mother’s Day. To me it’s almost exclusively associated with my own mother and to some extent my (maternal) grandmother. It’s been very difficult to learn to identify with being a Mother on Mother’s day. I don’t have any trouble being mom to my twins, but to think of me as someone who can be celebrated on Mother’s Day, has been really difficult. Oh, well, maybe I’ll find it easier in the future.

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My (old) links blog

I just thought I’d mention that while I’m waiting for my ‘real’ homepage to get back up again, I’m going to use my other links blog. Unlike this one, it will be about history, language, fandom etc. Occasionally, I might post something more, but mostly it will just be links. So if you’re interested in any of that, you’re welcome to drop by and take a look.

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Vegan vs plant-based

I recently read an article/blog post about a recent survey where most people apparently said that they dislike the term ‘vegan’ and prefer the term ‘plant-based’. (I’m sorry, but I can’t find that link so you’ll just have to take my word for it).

If I’ve understood the differences correctly, plant-based means being more healthy than people who are just vegan. Actually, one definition I read was this: vegans can eat (vegan) oreos but plant-based people can’t, even though the oreos are vegan.

It seems that most people dislike us vegans for various reasons. I’m sorry to hear that, but it won’t make me change my mind. Being vegan is what I’m all about. I’m vegan for the animals. That doesn’t mean I’m not also vegan for my own health, for the environment and for other people too, even if they don’t appreciate it, but the animals came first. One of my earliest memories is thinking I’d like to live in a world where there were only animals and animal lovers (I wouldn’t mind having plants too). I must have been four or five.