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Stop Hotel From Using Exterminators to Eliminate Stray Cats

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Veganism: How a maligned movement went mainstream

Malnourished, sanctimonious, hemp-clad, sandal-wearing, bearded, animal-cuddling, lentil-munching hippies. This has been the image of vegans for a long time, but a new generation is challenging the stereotypes. How has social media taken such a maligned movement and helped make 2017 the year veganism went mainstream?

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Note all the negative words they use to describe us vegans. Very revealing. Maybe being ‘mainstream’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As if it’s wrong to love animals or eat lentils. And malnourished? I wish all those critics knew how much effort I’ve spent on losing weight. Then they’d see that many vegans are just as overweight as ‘ordinary’ people. I must say that this article offends me in many ways, even if it’s great that more people are going vegan. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with caring.

Look at those malnourished legs. 😉 And if you like, check out that awful railway station in the background. Or my cute new handbag. 🙂


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OT: A Wild Goose Chase

Today, my family and I went into the town center to visit one of the open preschools there. Just like the first time – last week (another open preschool, run by the church), we found that the activities hadn’t started yet. You’d think the people behind this open preschool might like to let potential participants or rather their parents, know when they intend to start again after the Christmas break. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. A while back I mentioned that I had tried to find a new hairdresser and had trouble finding one here. There are supposedly at least three, apart from at least one barber, but the only one listed on the Yellow Pages had shut down. The one I approached to enquire about prices etc, later turned out to be closed despite it being during the ‘official’ working hours. I have really had it with this town. This is just one more reason for me to want to leave. 😩

Before returning home we did some grocery shopping. While waiting for the bus back, my sister took a photo of my new handbag. You might think that I’m a real shopping freak and you might not be entirely wrong about that – but the main reason I got this, apart from it being really cute and cheap, is that my other newish handbag doesn’t have a zipper on the main compartment. With our weather, it wouldn’t be practical to use that one during the winter. I’d get my phone wet all the time, and anything else as well. Also, I’m a little tired of carrying a handbag in my hand, rather than using a shoulder strap.

Anyway, here is the new one:

New handbag

In the background you can catch a glimpse of the ugliest railway station in Sweden. Or the most artistic one, if you ask the local authorities who contracted an artis to transform it. Ouch, my eyes are hurting. And I really love other shades of blue, not just this one.