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We haven’t had time to do much sightseeing but these photos are from our little corner of the city.

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Personal News

This might come as a surprise to my followers or maybe not, but we’ve moved. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned how unhappy my family and I have been where we’ve been living (existing) for about four years and even more where we lived before that. But that’s over and done with, hopefully.

We now live in Denmark. If you’re not Scandinavian you might think there’s not much difference between Sweden and Denmark visually and up to a point you’d be right.

We went on vacation and while we were vacationing, we looked for a place to live. It didn’t take us too long to find a really pretty apartment in a city with medieval roots.


This, apparently, is an old high school. Old, but not medieval. 🙂 There are churches though, that are. Tomorrow we’ll go exploring. More pics later.

During our vacation, which officially is over, we stayed in two hotels (one completely amazing) and two b & b:s, one nicer than the other but all quite good.

The first night we stayed in the last hotel, I woke up to find one of my nieces seemingly missing. I woke my sister and we began a frantic search. My kids had learned to open the door into the corridor and we had terryifying visions of a one-year-old alone in a strange hotel.

Finally, in desperation, my sister lay down on the floor and looked under the sofa. And there she was. Asleep with her little butt in the air. The favored frog position. LOL.

Today, my sister had a disagreement with our fancy new stove. She wanted it to heat our pizzas. It probably wanted to rest. The user manual didn’t help one bit. We were beginning to think we’d have to go to bed hungry. At least my sister and I. Mom doesn’t get hungry and the kids had already had some yoghurt and stuff. Then the man of the family – my three-year-old son – stepped up to the stove. Whatever he did worked immediately.  LOL.

So now we’ll have dinner. More about this new life later.

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Yesterday, my sister, my children and I went shopping in a bigger town. On the way to the store, we passed a playground. I advised my sister to look the other way so my daughter wouldn’t see it. It worked on the way to the store but not on the way back. My daughter loves swings and slides.

Here she is on the swing:

It was grey and rainy, hence the rain jacket.


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New glasses!

Yesterday, my sister and I and my children, went to a (relatively) nearby mall to pick up our new glasses. Finally! It turns out it’s been five years. Oops. 😀

I’m really happy with them and my sister’s look pretty cool as well.

The children have sunglasses too though naturally not prescription glasses. Unfortunately, my son doesn’t like his and refuses to wear them. At least he’s protected in his buggy/stroller/pushchair/pushcart and he accepts his sun hat too. My daughter loves both glasses and sun hat. 🙂

We also took the opportunity to get some special vegan products.

Some photos:

In case you’re wondering, the photos of the kids are from the back to protect their privacy.

The new glasses:

Here’s one of my daughter, taken last friday when we went to the playground. Everyone had fun until my daughter got too close to a swing that was, well, swinging. My poor little darling had her lower lip split and got blood all over her new t-shirt. Fortunately, I was able to get all the stains out completely.


Here’s one of my son without sunglasses and sun hat, just to be fair and because he too is so cute. 🙂


One of my nieces in our old dress from when my sister and I were little:


My other niece on her first visit to the dentist a few days before:

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End of the line

When the new EU law comes into effect I shall have to stop sharing links to articles. I think, but I’m not sure, that I will still be able to post links to petitions and donations sites here. Again, I’ll have to find out for sure before I post any links. This all reminds me of an old eigthties song that shares its name with a famous book classic. See – it’s starting already – I’m afraid to put anything resembling a title in this post. At least I’ll still be here, or I think I will. Sadly, we live in interesting times.

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Bad news for this blog

Because of a new EU law, I may have to close down this blog, or at the very least stop posting and probably delete all posts containing a link, which means practically all posts.

Needless to say, I’m extremely displeased.

I’m not even sure I can continue blogging at all.    Even if I only use my blog and post ’ordininary’ blog posts, it may be too complicated to bother. Can I even post photos I’ve taken with my own phone? At this point, nothing is certain. My sister and I may be able to hand code our home pages/blogs like in the old days, and my sister is great at making graphics but again, I’m not sure what is allowed or not.

It may not be strictly necessary for me to post links to newspaper articles or even reblog  other people’s posts, even though I think it’s important to share info with others with the same interests and values. What I’d really like to continue doing is to post links to petitions and donations sites. How else are we going to be able to spread the word about important causes?

With this kind of thing happening, I’m really concerned about the future. Actually, I already was, but this new law has added to the dark clouds gathering.

What do you think? Anyone from the EU who knows about this law and can explain it to me? Anyone who has any opinion about this? I’d hate to lose touch with my friends here and on my other blog sites. If this means what I’m afraid it means I may still keep the blog up so my friends can keep in touch and I will probably still be able to keep up with non-European blog posts, but with a gag on me. Grr.

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Ads or not?

I was going through my Tumblr dashboard and someone mentioned that there are ads on people’s blogs there. It’s something I haven’t noticed but if it’s true I don’t want my photo blog there. Could you take a look at it and let me know?

You’ll find it here.

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Trying to have a lifestyle that is friendly to the environment

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been trying to live cruelty free. I think, by now, I’ve learned to do it quite well. Ever from the start I’ve been aware of the other aspects of being vegan. Mainly the environment, since in my mid- to late teens, I didn’t worry too much about my own health. Being aware doesn’t necessarily help all that much. You need knowledge as well. Reading the advice in the media can be confusing. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what’s good for nature and the environment.

This brings me to today’s topic: avoiding synthetic materials. For about five years I’ve had a cotton parka that I love. At about the end of April, which this year was the end of winter and the last few days before the beginning of the heatwave, I realized that it had little holes on one of the sleeves. Also, my baby bump had been a little too hard on the zipper. So now I’m going to need a new winter jacket. Since getting my last jackets I’ve realized the risks of micro plastics. My dear old parka has a synthetic lining and my spring- and autumn jacket which may never be needed again if ’the wolf winter’ lasts until the heatwave begins again, every year, was all synthetic. Sadly, enough, because I love that jacket too. It’s so cheerful. So early in the summer I bought another thin jacket. Since it seems to be almost impossible to find an all cotton winter jacket, I’ve been thinking of trying to make do with the thin jacket all winter. It’s a scary thought considering how cold most of our winters are. What do you think? Could I manage to warm myself using layers of cotton? Specifically wearing knitted jumpers and cardigans? Or should I just try to find the money for a new winter parka, with as little synthetic material as I can get? Apparently, there are special bags to use in the laundry to minimize the shedding of micro plastics.

I was also going to ask for suggestions for getting rid of all single use plastics instead of some, but this is getting lengthy so I’ll leave that for another time.