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7 Things It’s Hard For an Animal Lover To Do

Here are a few things it is really hard to do as someone who cares as deeply about animals as they do about humans (or maybe even more!):

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It’s so hard I’m having trouble signing petitions about animal abuse. The images hurt me so much I feel I’m getting scarred for life. And even so it’s far worse for the animals suffering out there. Another thing – it’s very hard to know that most people don’t care at all. None of this bothers them in the least. It’s makes you lose your will to live.

By the way, I’m still having trouble accessing Care2 in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. I had to use another browser (Seamonkey) to read this article. Does anyone else have this problem?

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My book reviews and personal stuff

I just wanted to mention (again, I think) that I also blog about my life in general and post book reviewson my other blogs. Normally, I also have a personal homepage where I do all that, and post a few short stories too, but for quite a long time now I’ve been having trouble with my homepages (I also have a vegan page with recipes and a fan fiction site).

Here are my other blogs:



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Intruders in the yard

Today, we caught some intruders snooping around our yard, and our neighbors’, taking photos with a long lens. They’d parked their car in our yard and had picked some flowers but didn’t treat them like they cared.

My sister went outside and confronted them. The woman claimed that it was ‘so beautiful’ here. (Which it isn’t, not particularly). She also said that they’d been here yesterday and since didn’t see any car, they assumed no one was at home. Like that’s an excuse to trespass. We don’t have a car, so there’s never a car. What’s a bit unnerving is that we never noticed them yesterday. I just happened to be looking out the window and caught sight of the woman on the dirt path outside.

I really don’t like living here. Hopefully, we’ll be able to move soon. It’s not a good place to live for more than one reason.

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Tumblr and Midsummer

After some years away from Tumblr I have a new blog there aagain. You’re welcome to visit me there if you like. I share the same petitions etc but I also reblog good posts I find there so the content is slightly different.

I would also like to wish my friends and followers a Happy Midsummer!