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Detective work

I tried to ask a friend of mine, a biology student, to help me identify what had happened to the dead, or nearly dead tree, at the end of the sheep pasture. He couldn’t help me. I couldn’t let it go though and tried doing different internet image searches. At first I took the ’snake’s nest’ for branches, then roots, but now I think it’s vines. More specifically English ivy. And it’s growing on a willow tree. So, I solved the mystery myself. 🙂

You might ask why I’ve been so obsessed with a dead tree. Blame it on our self imposed lockdown quarantine. There’s nothing much else to do, really. And the whole thing looks so shockingly creepy. To the naked eye. I realize that the distance and the relatively low quality of the phone camera could make it hard to see properly.

The vines are still growing
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More creepy trees

More creepy…
And more…

My sister was out there this morning and she thinks the vines are ivy and the trees are willows. I understand that willow roots are tricky and perhaps that’s what’s invaded the dead tree. Its own roots? It’s like something from a horror movie.

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Dead tree?

Ugh. In the early morning light I noticed that the tree in my last photo is probably dead. What I thought was branches may be roots, either from that tree or something else. No wonder it really looks creepy. At least the oak behind it looks ok.

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Dead tree

Sorry about the image quality or rather lack thereof. (It’s in a sheep pasture and not on our rented land.) This a view from one of our windows. If you click the image you should be able to zoom it. See the ’snake’s nest’ of what think is roots growing in an area where the tree had been damaged a long time ago? It looks creepy. I feel so sorry for that tree.

This later photo shows the roots climbing higher.
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Corona chic again

It never ceases to amaze me that I’m not the only one who wears workout clothes and sweatpants all day. Other people post photos of themselves wearing leisure clothes without feeling any embarrassment about it. I guess it’s just me who feels a little awkward if anyone sees me like this. Don’t get me wrong, I was never very elegant (mainly wearing jeans and t-shirts) but now I feel like I’m in pyjamas.

I am going to take up yoga, I swear. 😉

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Trouble with cheese

For years now, since I went vegan I have either stopped eating cheese or had vegan cheese. Yes. The vegan cheese so many people hated. I, on the other hand, loved it. And now all vegan cheese is much more like dairy cheese. The thing is I’m lactose intolerant and never liked dairy cheese.

I’ve even been told by someone (the owner of an online vegan store) that the cheese I wanted was a substandard product or something along those lines. Call me old fashioned, but if the customer wants something, either sell her the product without comment or tell her you don’t have it, again without comment.

So what do I do about my predicament? Simple. I usually don’t eat (vegan) cheese. Or just a spreadable (vegan) cheese I actually like. I love hummus tahin and a spread made from Swedish ’brown beans’. Both are delicious.

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New reviews

I just thought I’d mention that I have started reviewing books, tv series etc on my other blogs, in Englush and Swedish. If you’re interested you’re welcome to check them out. And if you’re not, it’s ok. I won’t start spamming this blog with mentions of other blog posts elsewhere. This is it for now. 🙂