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A little mystery…

When we moved here about a year ago, we bought beds, duvets and bed linens. (Moving vans are expensive). My sister went to the shop and among other things, got four duvets for the children.

Simple, right? Four duvets, four children. Turns out, it wasn’t that simple at all. Now that the children have one each, there’s an identical one still in the closet.

My sister (and I) remember clearly how she went to the shop and returned with everything in a couple of huge tote bags. It was definitely four of those duvets. She’s been back to get some other stuff from there, but no duvets. We already had the ones we needed.

How is this possible?

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Me and ferries again…

The other day, my family and I went on a little outing. Because of the weather, we went by bus. We actually got to do a little sightseeing (from the bus). Mostly it was very nice. Except for a few things about – ferries. First of all, we ended up getting far too close to a few ferry stops. Again. And that wasn’t even the worst part. At the last one we were driven by a driver with less than optimal driving skills…

We stayed so long at one stop, waiting for a small car ferry, I was getting unnerved. I got a bad feeling about it and sure enough we weren’t just waiting for any potential foot passengers to get off the small car ferry. Did I mention it was small? Anyway, it wasn’t even the kind of ferry that took foot passengers.

We were getting on that small thing, in our extremely heavy bus. 3.5 tons or thereabouts, I think. And with us, also four cars. I felt sure we would sink. I was so terrified I almost began to cry. And pray. And I’m not even that religious.

Right in the middle of the passage we began to feel the current rock us. At the end we felt an unnerving shaking as the ferry connected with the quay (?). Then we were on the smaller island off the one we live on. We went to the other end where there was another scary ferry stop. :/ The way back was a lot less scary.

At least we got to see some interesting ruins of a fort. And a castle we’d visited once before, this time from a distance. A very pretty view.

So all in all we had a good time, but if we’d known about the ferry crossing we never would have gone.

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Scary Ferry Hold

Since we moved to this island we’ve been close to the sea. Most people love it and I have to admit that sometimes I find it pretty too, but mainly it makes me nervous, even scared. Especially when we are on the bus to or from the town.

There are several ferry terminals and also even more ferry holds (?). I don’t know the term in English. It’s like a ferry terminal without the buildings. The trouble is the bus ends up so terribly close to the edge. Close to deep water.

I’m scared there will be an accident and we’ll end up in the sea. I tense up and don’t relax until we’re away from there.

If only they would build a terminal building, a wall, fence or at least have the bus stop ten-twenty meters from the edge. It wouldn’t be too far to walk to the ferry.

I’m trying to add photos but WordPress won’t let me, or my phone won’t. I’ll keep trying. Hopefully, it will work sooner or later.

Here is a link to my photo blog on Tumblr:

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Kabul Small Animal Rescue

I posted about this rescue a while back and someone asked if the animals were safe. Sadly, I had to reply that I thought not. Which was true at the time. But now it finally seems to be happening. All animals will be flying out to Vancouver. Fingers crossed. This news nearly brought tears to my eyes.

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Alternative social network

Today, I got my phone repaired. Again.

And I had decided to try a few alternative social networks, since lately my sister and I have become rather fed up with Facebook. My sister was attacked by a troll who wished her dead. My sister replied that the troll should get its anger managed. Wham. Facebook suspended – my sister. She filed a complaint against the troll, who – surprise – hadn’t broken any rule.

So we’d like to find something else. Unfortunately, the best thing about Facebook is the fact that everyone’s there. Family, relatives, friends. If we leave we’ll lose touch with many of them.

Of course we could keep in touch with some by phone, text or email, but not all, and even the ones we can still keep in touch with will be more distanced from us.

So today I signed up for Friendica. It was complicated, but so can Facebook be at times. Friendica is also a very bare bones community.

I’ll see how it goes. If I can get some of my friends to join it might be more fun. Except apart from my sister I only know of one friend who might agree to join. Also, I guess it’s possible I could find a few new friends.

Or I could just back off Facebook and spend more time here and on Tumblr and Dreamwidth.

Since my phone doesn’t work as a phone and can’t make or receive calls or send or receive text messages, the Messenger alternatives won’t work, at least not until my sister can help me fix the phone bit. To be clear, at the moment my phone can use wifi so I can surf, chat, email etc, just not the rest. It needs to be wiped and restored to factory settings and for that we’ll need a computer, which we don’t have access to at the moment.

So, like I said, I’ll see how it goes. I don’t really like Facebook. I wish there was a vegan community. Oh, well.

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Second shot

Last Friday, my mother, sister and I got our second shot of Covid vaccine. We, at least my sister and I, got really tired. In fact, we’re still more tired than usual. I wonder if it might be a side effect.

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Yesterday and today, or rather, since it’s past midnight, the day before yesterday and yesterday I got shocked (by static electricity) by just about anything I touched in the shop where I shop right now. It was weird. I wonder why that sort of thing happens.