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Support the FACT Act: End secrecy about wasteful federal animal testing

Federal agencies admit that using animal testing to assess the safety of chemicals and other compounds is slow, expensive and inaccurate compared to modern cell-based tests and sophisticated computer models. Yet, the government is still spending estimated tens of millions of tax dollars each year for wasteful animal tests. A White Coat Waste Project investigation has uncovered tests that involve force-feeding animals enormous doses of components from green tea, French fries, potato chips, broccoli, herbal supplements sold for sexual dysfunction, gasoline and even cosmetics ingredients. Laws require that federal agencies reduce and replace wasteful animal tests, but it is impossible to assess their compliance because agencies do not currently report how many animals they use for these painful tests or what it costs taxpayers. The bipartisan Federal Accountability in Chemical Testing (FACT) Act (HR 816) ( improves reporting by federal agencies so Congress and the public can measure the government’s progress toward replacing needless animal tests. Urge your Members of Congress to support the FACT Act to increase transparency and accountability about government animal testing!

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