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I have had trouble posting on, well, all my blogs/journals/pages, since my son wrecked my computer. My sister suggested trying the app instead of the web interface. It worked! I still don’t like the block editor, but I can handle that for now. So I’ll see how much I feel like posting here (on my phone).

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End of the line

When the new EU law comes into effect I shall have to stop sharing links to articles. I think, but I’m not sure, that I will still be able to post links to petitions and donations sites here. Again, I’ll have to find out for sure before I post any links. This all reminds me of an old eigthties song that shares its name with a famous book classic. See – it’s starting already – I’m afraid to put anything resembling a title in this post. At least I’ll still be here, or I think I will. Sadly, we live in interesting times.

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Posting in Swedish?

If I was to post a few links to Swedish articles, petitions or donation sites (if I can find any) here on this blog, would you mind? Some people I know have told me they find text in a language they don’t know annoying. Others have told me they don’t mind. Personally, I can understand both groups of people – I find a different alphabet a bit bewildering, but mostly don’t mind another language, as long as the majority of the posts are in a language I understand.

What do you think?