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Flying Dolphins to China?!

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Care for Animals Rescued from the China Dog Meat Trade

On August 3rd, 2014, Chinese activists intercepted a truck loaded with more than 400 live dogs bound for the nation’s dog meat market. This rescue operation was unprecedented with over 300 activists and local police stopping the transport vehicle lo

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Comment on: Petition-Please Sign: Revoke FCI decision to host WDS 2019 in China

I received this from a friend on Care2:

This is what I found on their website Always attentive to the opinion of the breeders worldwide, we took note of the uproar concerning the attribution of the 2019 World Dog Show to China and to the decision regarding the country of origin of the following breeds : DO-KHYI (230), TIBETAN TERRIER (209), TIBETAN SPANIEL (231), LHASA APSO (227) and SHIH TZU (208). Whilst we understand the concern expressed by the breeders worldwide about both situations, the FCI wishes to inform that the decision to grant the organization of the WDS 2019 to China was taken by a decision of our General Assembly where 68 countries were present or represented and by a large majority of votes, in total transparency and according to the principles of democracy internationally recognised and accepted. That decision was made on basis of a very open and complete presentation made by our Chinese member, CKU, during which our Chinese member delegation has clearly mentioned the cultural differences between China and most of the other countries in the world. The FCI sees it as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among the Chinese population that the dog, our beloved friend, is a member of our families, a living entity and most of all Man’s best Friend. May we add that China won the right to organise this WDS over several other countries, namely Spain, Germany and Croatia, in a clear victory. In addition, we find it important to clarify that our Chinese member, CKU, is an FCI full member. As such, CKU has the right to ask to be the country of origin of the breeds indicated above. It is important to know that any change in a breed standard can be implemented worldwide if and only if the FCI General Committee, following recommendations of the FCI Standards and Scientific Commissions, approves it. Nowadays, the FCI is more than ever committed to the betterment and safeguard of the Dog and to promoting its welfare, love and respect in the four corners of the world.

For the FCI Rafael de Santiago FCI President

My reaction:

Their reply makes me so angry. Both because of the way they treat dogs in China and because the Tibetan breeds come from Tibet, not China. Isn’t that what’s called cultural appropriation?

Please, if you haven’t signed this petition yet, do it now, then share everywhere you can.