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Me and ferries again…

The other day, my family and I went on a little outing. Because of the weather, we went by bus. We actually got to do a little sightseeing (from the bus). Mostly it was very nice. Except for a few things about – ferries. First of all, we ended up getting far too close to a few ferry stops. Again. And that wasn’t even the worst part. At the last one we were driven by a driver with less than optimal driving skills…

We stayed so long at one stop, waiting for a small car ferry, I was getting unnerved. I got a bad feeling about it and sure enough we weren’t just waiting for any potential foot passengers to get off the small car ferry. Did I mention it was small? Anyway, it wasn’t even the kind of ferry that took foot passengers.

We were getting on that small thing, in our extremely heavy bus. 3.5 tons or thereabouts, I think. And with us, also four cars. I felt sure we would sink. I was so terrified I almost began to cry. And pray. And I’m not even that religious.

Right in the middle of the passage we began to feel the current rock us. At the end we felt an unnerving shaking as the ferry connected with the quay (?). Then we were on the smaller island off the one we live on. We went to the other end where there was another scary ferry stop. :/ The way back was a lot less scary.

At least we got to see some interesting ruins of a fort. And a castle we’d visited once before, this time from a distance. A very pretty view.

So all in all we had a good time, but if we’d known about the ferry crossing we never would have gone.


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