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Alternative social network

Today, I got my phone repaired. Again.

And I had decided to try a few alternative social networks, since lately my sister and I have become rather fed up with Facebook. My sister was attacked by a troll who wished her dead. My sister replied that the troll should get its anger managed. Wham. Facebook suspended – my sister. She filed a complaint against the troll, who – surprise – hadn’t broken any rule.

So we’d like to find something else. Unfortunately, the best thing about Facebook is the fact that everyone’s there. Family, relatives, friends. If we leave we’ll lose touch with many of them.

Of course we could keep in touch with some by phone, text or email, but not all, and even the ones we can still keep in touch with will be more distanced from us.

So today I signed up for Friendica. It was complicated, but so can Facebook be at times. Friendica is also a very bare bones community.

I’ll see how it goes. If I can get some of my friends to join it might be more fun. Except apart from my sister I only know of one friend who might agree to join. Also, I guess it’s possible I could find a few new friends.

Or I could just back off Facebook and spend more time here and on Tumblr and Dreamwidth.

Since my phone doesn’t work as a phone and can’t make or receive calls or send or receive text messages, the Messenger alternatives won’t work, at least not until my sister can help me fix the phone bit. To be clear, at the moment my phone can use wifi so I can surf, chat, email etc, just not the rest. It needs to be wiped and restored to factory settings and for that we’ll need a computer, which we don’t have access to at the moment.

So, like I said, I’ll see how it goes. I don’t really like Facebook. I wish there was a vegan community. Oh, well.


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