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Detective work

I tried to ask a friend of mine, a biology student, to help me identify what had happened to the dead, or nearly dead tree, at the end of the sheep pasture. He couldn’t help me. I couldn’t let it go though and tried doing different internet image searches. At first I took the ’snake’s nest’ for branches, then roots, but now I think it’s vines. More specifically English ivy. And it’s growing on a willow tree. So, I solved the mystery myself. 🙂

You might ask why I’ve been so obsessed with a dead tree. Blame it on our self imposed lockdown quarantine. There’s nothing much else to do, really. And the whole thing looks so shockingly creepy. To the naked eye. I realize that the distance and the relatively low quality of the phone camera could make it hard to see properly.

The vines are still growing


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