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Beached whales

I just read about the beached whales in Tasmania. It’s very sad. Apparently only 108 out of roughly 350 survived. There was more that I don’t want to quote, so I’ll just get to the point of this post. The news article referred to the dead whales as ‘cadavers’. I don’t like that. It’s so cold and distancing. Dead animals have bodies too, so why not call them that? Isn’t that enough? What do you think?


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4 thoughts on “Beached whales

  1. As long as humans do not care for the living being, why should they even bother on what to say about a dead one? But yes, you are correct, as long as we distance ourselves by naming someone a “cadaver” or “pork” instead of “corpse” or “pig” humans will sadly not have any empathy for this non-human animal.

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