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OT: Moved again

We finally managed to move out of our apartment and at the moment, we’re back in Sweden, to move out of our house (and the cabin). To have somewhere of our own to stay (we’re really tired of hotel rooms and other rented places) we bought a caravan. It’s completely new for us. We’ve never had one before or gone camping. We really love our caravan. It’s so cute and actually bigger on the inside (LOL) than we expected. Here it is:

There are only two beds for grownups so guess where the shortest of us three grownups ended up having to sleep? That’s right. In one of the bunk beds for kids. It’s really cramped and at first I was a bit uncomfortable with that. Since then I’ve grown used to it, and I’m more comfortable lying there, but it’s still really difficult to get out and onto my feet, since the bed is actually on the floor.

We’ve had a few problems (like how do you get the water flowing from the taps? and how can we get the toilet working as it should?), but the worst part is probably how cold it is. When we ‘moved into’ the caravan, the salesman had turned the heat up and that got far too hot for us so we turned it off. Big mistake. Now it’s quite cold in here (not during the day, but at night). It was really hard going to sleep in that cold. Autumn has really come now and the last of the leaves are falling off the trees.

Despite all that, we’re really happy with our purchase. From now on, no more hotel rooms for us. 🙂 Most importantly, no more dragging lots of luggage around Scandinavia. It can all go in the caravan. This may sounds silly, but we named it Cassiopeia. I think the mostly white trailer looks a bit like a spaceship and since Cassiopeia is a star, it seems appropriate somehow.

We seem to have picked a good camping. The service building is really close by, there’s a McDonalds almost as nearby and right across the street there are a couple of shops. Less positive is the fact that there are no really nice paths to go for a walk and we’re quite far away from the town center so we can’t get our phones fixed easily (not without a bus ride).


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6 thoughts on “OT: Moved again

  1. This most be a huge step for you all! Because it’s new there should be a operators manual. Read it like the bible. You can put the heat back on by relighting the pilot light on the heater. Make sure there is a Carbon monoxide detector. Because you are now able to be mobile,If you do not like your location look around to see If there is something else you like better?

    1. Thanks. We’ll check it out right away. 🙂 And yes, it’s great to be able to move. We ended up next to a noisy kindergarten and yesterday a grumpy couple arrived. The husband was furious that my niece was running close to their motor home (with the door closed). He yelled at my sister and slammed the door in her face before she had a chance to reply.

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