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A cold

Just a few days ago we all started feeling sick. It was an ordinary cold, really, not too bad at all, but we immediately began to feel scared it would be Covid-19. For two to three days we felt really awful (but had no obvious Covid-19 symptoms), but right after that, we began to feel a lot better and now most of us are almost completely well again.

There are so many tourists here and it worries me that sometimes it’s hard to keep the distance. So we were really happy to discover a ’new’ (to us) huge protected area, that is a park. There are paths, benches, trashcans – and of course trees and open spaces kept up open by young people working for the town. It’s a really good place, even though the locals walk their dogs there and some, even tourists, it seems, take their kids there. We have no trouble keeping the distance and it’s calm and quiet. Very nice. Now it really feels as if the center of the city is too crowded for us. At certain times of the day, hordes of tourists pass through the park (the one in the center, not the big one we just discovered). Most people are polite though, but there’s just too many of them, even if I understand that they feel the need to get away from their lockdowns.


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