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New glasses!

Yesterday, my sister and I and my children, went to a (relatively) nearby mall to pick up our new glasses. Finally! It turns out it’s been five years. Oops. 😀

I’m really happy with them and my sister’s look pretty cool as well.

The children have sunglasses too though naturally not prescription glasses. Unfortunately, my son doesn’t like his and refuses to wear them. At least he’s protected in his buggy/stroller/pushchair/pushcart and he accepts his sun hat too. My daughter loves both glasses and sun hat. 🙂

We also took the opportunity to get some special vegan products.

Some photos:

In case you’re wondering, the photos of the kids are from the back to protect their privacy.

The new glasses:

Here’s one of my daughter, taken last friday when we went to the playground. Everyone had fun until my daughter got too close to a swing that was, well, swinging. My poor little darling had her lower lip split and got blood all over her new t-shirt. Fortunately, I was able to get all the stains out completely.


Here’s one of my son without sunglasses and sun hat, just to be fair and because he too is so cute. 🙂


One of my nieces in our old dress from when my sister and I were little:


My other niece on her first visit to the dentist a few days before:


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