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Bad news for this blog

Because of a new EU law, I may have to close down this blog, or at the very least stop posting and probably delete all posts containing a link, which means practically all posts.

Needless to say, I’m extremely displeased.

I’m not even sure I can continue blogging at all.    Even if I only use my blog and post ’ordininary’ blog posts, it may be too complicated to bother. Can I even post photos I’ve taken with my own phone? At this point, nothing is certain. My sister and I may be able to hand code our home pages/blogs like in the old days, and my sister is great at making graphics but again, I’m not sure what is allowed or not.

It may not be strictly necessary for me to post links to newspaper articles or even reblog  other people’s posts, even though I think it’s important to share info with others with the same interests and values. What I’d really like to continue doing is to post links to petitions and donations sites. How else are we going to be able to spread the word about important causes?

With this kind of thing happening, I’m really concerned about the future. Actually, I already was, but this new law has added to the dark clouds gathering.

What do you think? Anyone from the EU who knows about this law and can explain it to me? Anyone who has any opinion about this? I’d hate to lose touch with my friends here and on my other blog sites. If this means what I’m afraid it means I may still keep the blog up so my friends can keep in touch and I will probably still be able to keep up with non-European blog posts, but with a gag on me. Grr.


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8 thoughts on “Bad news for this blog

  1. So far as I know as long as it is clear where the data is being stored you should be fine. And since your blog friends can simply unsubscribe I would not worry, for now. Maybe there is a specialist out there who knows more?

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the law but I’ve read that it almost stops link sharing and increasing the copright to articles etc to the point that it becomes almost impossible to share links. It’s a new law that assume came int effect on January 1.

  2. WordPress offers GDPR (the European law that safeguards user’s rights) advice as standard. Have a look there – it’s really not hard to cover yourself. Don’t give up!

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