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Veganuary Awesomeness

Maybe something to consider?

The Vegan Bear


So it is now 4 days into January and I have been loving reading so many posts on social media about people not only sticking to, but enjoying , Veganuary.

The Veganuary group on facebook is an awesome place to go, whether you are a vegan of 30+ years or just started on the journey.  The way I see it is like holding an outreach stall where every person who shows up wants to be vegan.  It is so encouraging and really good for the soul to be able to help and answer questions for people who may have preconceived ideas of what veganism is (understandable considering the memes and myths which fly around).  It is also amazing to learn things which I didn’t know too.  I am finding out more foods and accidentally vegan items from looking through the group as well as some incredible recipes which have has…

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Vegan who writes, reads, watches movies, loves animals... Vegan, som skriver, läser, ser på film, älskar djur, står på de svagas sida. Författare, bokförläggare, korrekturläsare och språkmästare.

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