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Hacked email

When I found out that Yahoo was going to buy Tumblr I immediately deleted my accounts there. The reason for that is another story for another time, but if you’re interested you can comment on this post and ask me. I was concerned that Yahoo would keep the info from newly deleted accounts, possibly any accounts that people have had on Tumblr at any time in the past.

Until now I haven’t known what Yahoo did, but now I do. Apparently, many email accounts have been hacked and these evil lowlife hackers have gained access to our passwords.

Great work, Yahoo, thanks for stealing my info! Shame on you!

Now I’m going to have to change my email password. It’s so hard to find a new, good, strong password.



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4 thoughts on “Hacked email

    1. Ok. 🙂 If you want links, I’m going to have to search for them, but basically it’s the fact that Yahoo provided info to the Chinese government about two journalists who had published articles about democracy. They both ended up serving long prison sentences.

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