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Living in the countryside

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but a few days ago, a mouse bit through our internet fibre cable (not sure about the technical term) and that way several mice got in through the tiny opening. Since then we’ve been using our humane trap that we got in the summer when we forgot that out here, you can’t leave the front door open even for a short while… That mouse was shut into the bathroom and mainly hid behind the shower or the washing machine so it wasn’t too difficult to handle – except for the first time I saw it. It was probably a lot more scared than I was – I was just startled – because I’m not really scared of any rodent, just spiders, snakes etc. Anyway, this time around there are a lot more and they’re hanging out on our floor, not the cold and more or less empty ground floor. And these clever, cute little creatures can reach in and get to the bait (mainly bread, oats, pasta etc) and not get caught in the trap. Even so, we’ve probably released about ten-twelve of them in just this short time and we still have at least four in here. They’re everywhere! Climbing on drying laundry, on clean laundry we hadn’t yet put away (but we have now). One even got on my sister’s back when she was sitting in her armchair! We’re quite worried we’ll accidentally hurt these tiny creatures, but so far they’ve been more or less fine, only scared, but not nearly as scared as I expected. The few mice I’ve seen earlier, when we lived in the cabin in the woods, were a lot shier of us. Even the rats that we had in the garage in town were gentle, polite creatures that never did us any harm, though two of them hissed at us, when they realized they couldn’t get into the living areas. I’ve had it with living in this farming area. It must be the wheat fields that attract all these mice. Add to that the lack of communications and culture – well, I just want to get out of here. Not back to where we came from, because that place sucked big time, but somewhere else. Somewhere better. In a way, I feel guilty for not appreciating this place more. It’s a nice place. People are nice. We’re not used to that. And it’s cheap. And several of our ancestors came from here. I should have known there was a reason our family moved away from here…



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