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Bay County Attorney Jennifer Shuler: Save Marley’s life and return him to his owner with no fees

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2 thoughts on “Bay County Attorney Jennifer Shuler: Save Marley’s life and return him to his owner with no fees

  1. Hello : My wife is an attorney who specializes in animal law on Long Island. Her name is Carol Ryder. I have lived in Az the last two years due to health issues. We rescued many dogs for nearly 20 years on Long Island.

    On June 25th 2009, two of our dogs had a fight in my kitchen when I walked into the house with a pizza pie in my hands. The fight was nasty (both dogs were rescued from nasty conditions-but sweethearts) and I had to break it up while my wife just stood there screaming. It is very hard to break up a dog fight by yourself. I thought by sticking my hand by their faces, they would cease fighting. Boy was I wrong. Dogs fight with their eyes closed I learned.My middle finger on my left hand was bit off and flew nearly 10 feet towards the front door. My wife could not find the finger right away because blood was everywhere.

    I told my wife to stay home and separate the dogs (who stopped fight immediately once my finger was bit off), while I was taken to the hospital. The ambulance workers wanted to know if they should call animal control and take the dogs. We both responded, it was no there fault and they are staying with us. Even at the hospital, a staff worker stated that Animal Control would be notified in our area and they might want to take the dogs. I told the staffer, that would never happen-just try to put my finger together. I even told the hospital staffer, that I didn’t want a report written up.

    I don’t understand how Animal Control can come into your house and take your loving dog ? Nobody was pressing chargers and you would resolve the issue in house.

    Call my wife, Carol Ryder by Googling her. Carol will be glad to assist in any manner. Tell her that her husband referred you to her. Good luck in your fight.

  2. Bay County’s telephone number is : 850 767-3333. Please ask to speak to the person in charge and ask him/her nicely to give the dog his life back, with his loving family.Tell your friends & family members to call them as well. Thank you.

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