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OT: Some more whining, sorry

I had quite a bad day. It’s a bit hard to explain exactly in what way, but if my readers will tolerate my whining, I’ll try to explain. Part of the day was ok, but some of it wasn’t.

First of all, we got a letter from the county we recently moved from. Once again our evil neighbor has found a way to get to us. He has complained to the authorities about our garden. Mum had already booked a gardening service to go there to trim the hedges, mow the lawn etc, and anyway, we’ve already hired them a couple of times before so there’s no way our garden can be that offensive to this bastard, but it’s always those people who win. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. But I should mention that at least the mail van came. I don’t know how many times we’ve had to call and complain about their not showing up to deliver packages we’ve ordered.

This morning, we decided to go into town to pick up a package. More about that later. Once there I noticed that at least three different people were staring at me and my children or rather their pram. I’m guessing they thought my pram and I got in their way. It is rather big, but the pavement/sidewalk was wide enough for those people so I don’t see why they would stare so much just for that. I was beginning to worry that maybe I had some toothpaste on my face or something like that, but according to my sister I didn’t. She says I’m imagining things and maybe that’s true. Maybe they were just looking at the pram, even if they didn’t exactly smile. The other day a nice lady came up to me and asked about it, since she has grandchildren who are twins. I was happy to tell her about it, even though I think they had already bought a pram.

The rest of the visit in town was probably ok, but by then I was so tense and upset that I really felt out of place. For instance, here’s an update about the hairdresser situation: Since only one hairdresser actually appears on the yellow pages (and that must have gone out of business, because it doesn’t exist anymore), my sister (thegreenring) and I decided to go for a walk and look for the four or five hairdressers that apparently exist here. In the end, I found a couple and walked into one and asked about making an appointment. The girl told me they only have drop in, so I decided we’d go back next week, but without the babies. No need to get in people’s way.

To cheer ourselves up, we also went to the bookshop. Only I went inside. Just to make a bad day a little better I bought two books. They had a summer sale, but I must say that those books weren’t exactly cheap anyway. Oh, well. The bookshop will probably close down pretty soon, because I can’t imagine that anyone shops there much, unless they go there for stationary and pens and pencils. At least the man who owns the shop seems to be a normal human being, from some bigger place.

The package I mentioned above mainly contained vegan chocolate. Having a delicious piece of chocolate, which we did, when we got back, helped a bit.

But really, this isn’t working out. People in this town don’t seem to get books at all. They don’t seem to have heard of the internet, though everyone’s getting fiber, ie fast internet. As I’ve mentioned before, living on the plains isn’t good for someone like me, who suffers from agoraphobia. When we cross the very intensely trafficked road, I have to push the pram and look down, while my mum and sister walk next to me. I really think I’ll have to move again. My mum won’t like that at all, and that’s a huge understatement, but I can’t stay here. The members of the parents and children group look at me as if I’m sort of alien creature.



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