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Quiz: What’s Your Wildlife Personality

Red Wolf:


Just like the red wolf, you stick by family and those closest to you through thick and thin. Privacy is important to you – but your beguiling ways make you someone people seek out to spend time with. You are true to yourself and those who count on you and you just might like vacationing or living along the North Carolina coast!

Grr. I tried so many times to get the code to work and in the end I had to just copy the text and download the pic, then post it like an ordinary blog post. Also, when I’d downloaded the pic, the results were gone. Why can’t things just work the way they’re supposed to? To be honest, I also had to take the quiz over again a couple of times before I got a result that was at least relatively similar to me and my real personality. I guess I have a weird personality that is hard to describe in a simple quiz like this.



Vegan who writes, reads, watches movies, loves animals... Vegan, som skriver, läser, ser på film, älskar djur, står på de svagas sida. Författare, bokförläggare, korrekturläsare och språkmästare.

6 thoughts on “Quiz: What’s Your Wildlife Personality

  1. I know exactly how you feel! WordPress keeps saying there making it easier, and sometimes it takes me half a day to complete!!!
    Very frustrating….😬

      1. Yesterday I had to put two in the trash because they did not come out right, and I have noticed several other bloggers I read the front and go to look at the rest and its not there, apparently they had to throw this in the trash I’ve contacted WordPress Support several times

      2. Well here we go again I was in the middle of commenting and the next thing I know it was sent out sorry about that! 😬

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