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A mix of good and bad…

Today the children were discharged from the hospital. They’ve both kept growing and only needed to be fed through a tube for about a week. From now on, we won’t have to take them to the hospital again.

On the way back we witnessed the aftermath of a car accident. A car had run into an animal – a deer, hart or perhaps a young elk (the equivalent of the North American moose) – I didn’t look too closely. The poor thing was lying in the ditch and was still alive. It was such a distressing sight. Then some man with a gun showed up and he shot at the animal from a distance. With a family with a child nearby, not to mention us, passing by in a cab, with my two babies. The driver remarked on what my sister and I were thinking – how could he shoot from such a long distance, especially with people nearby? Also, he missed the animal – couldn’t he have just stepped up closer to put it out of its misery? Or – well, I may be squemish, but I think it would have been great if a vet could have come out and checked on it and if it was possible to save it maybe take it back to the clinic? Or inject it with something to put it down if nothing could be done. I’m no expert on shooting, but both my grandfathers were and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have stood at such a distance and definitely not risked the people standing around. I was so sad about the poor animal and terrified that man would hit a rock or something and a bullet would ricochet into the car and hurt my babies.

So today has been a sort of mix of good and bad – at least so far. It’s only about three thirty in the afternoon. The internet was gone a moment ago, but I’m hoping it will be still be up when I’m going to post this.



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