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Taking a short break (or at least almost)

For health reasons, I’m going to have to go easy on the petitions for a while. Most of them tend to be upsetting and at the moment, I need to stay calm and cheerful. I’ll be back soon but just so you know. I’m not leaving, just trying to avoid being upset. And I’ll still try to keep an eye on your posts and might like and reblog (anything that’s not too gruesome).



Vegan who writes, reads, watches movies, loves animals... Vegan, som skriver, läser, ser på film, älskar djur, står på de svagas sida. Författare, bokförläggare, korrekturläsare och språkmästare.

7 thoughts on “Taking a short break (or at least almost)

  1. Thank you so much for all you do to bring us the petitions… and thank you especially for caring so deeply for the animals. Enjoy the much needed time for yourself! It’s a wonder we are able to continue to function at all, knowing the horrors that we are aware of for the animals. Much love, Carol

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