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VeganTalk gone too

A while back, I wrote a blog post, lamenting the death of Bleat. Now, my dear new(ish) friend, VeganTalk is gone. It disappeared once, but came back, and I thought it was just a scare, but now the account has been ‘suspended’, whatever that means and has been gone for weeks. The new friends I made there weren’t on any other site and we hadn’t exchanged email addresses, sno now we’ve lost touch. That’s a shame, but it’s also a great shame that such a nice vegan community that we vegans sorely needed has disappeared.

Sure there are a few other vegan communities, like Vegetarian Friend, Volentia (which is about to move to another site, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen) and Vegppl, where I never managed to make any friends, and now that it’s moved to a new site and become a lot more sexy, won’t let me log on at all. There’s also Vegan Around the World Network where I’ve never managed to get any kind of response from anyone.

There’s also still Care2, where my sister and I successfully ran a vegan group (The Veghead Zone, The Vegan Cafe) for years, but where groups aren’t working very well anymore and most people have vanished to Facebook. In fact, my sister and I have run a few relatively successful vegan groups/clubs/communities over the years, for instance in Second Life, the 3D community. That came to an abrupt end when we had a really difficult member ruin the atmosphere in the group during a meeting. He claimed that we were all discriminating against him because he was autistic when we felt that he was trivializing the problems with slaughter and meat-eating (which you could argue was stupid in a group of vegans and vegetarians).

Were you on Bleat or VeganTalk? Do you miss it as much as I do? Where do you hang out now, if you do like to hang out in social groups for vegans?



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