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This ecologist wants to plant a “pop-up” forest in Times Square

I love it. They should do this everywhere, not just in big cities.


Marielle Anzelone, a botanist and urban ecologist, wants to grow a forest in Times Square … overnight.

Anzelone launched a Kickstarter campaign today, asking backers to help raise $25,000 by April 17 to transform a chunk of the glitziest block on Earth into a forest. The installation, which she’s calling PopUP Forest: Times Square, would feature shipping containers filled with trees, flowers, and soil, with the sounds of birds and other wildlife piped in from nearby woods.

The goal, said Anzelone, is to put the spotlight on the thousands of acres of New York City that are not paved over, and need additional protection. “At the end of the day it’s about helping people see that nature exists in cities,” said Anzelone, “and its real nature, not necessarily weeds.”

If the campaign makes its fundraising goal, the money will go toward creating a design and a prototype in Brooklyn…

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