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Mice Are Cute and Rats Are Vile – Really?

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Photo: PeTA Photo: PeTA

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Most people will say cats, dogs and even mice are cute animals, and would not purposely hurt them. But rats? These intelligent, but seemingly vile animals seem to have no lobby, hardly any lovers, not even in the “animal lover community”. Rodents are considered pests and therefore, they are “exterminated”, “eradicated “and “extinguished” wherever and whenever possible. Nobody says “killed”, “murdered” or “abused” when talking about bringing death to these animals. Many studies have proven, though, that mice, rats and other rodents have many traits and abilities making them special and worthy to be treated well, just like every being should be treated.

“PETA’s latest eyewitness investigation, at Willards Rodent Factory, a breeding warehouse, and Jurassic Pets LLC, a pet store in Colorado, revealed horrific conditions, systematic neglect, and the pervasive suffering of thousands of animals. Witnesses found animals languishing and dying in cramped, putrid enclosures filled with…

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