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The Ugly Side of Beauty

Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

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The European Union banned all testing on animals for cosmetics. People thought this was the beginning of the end to all animal testing. Sadly, with the opening of new markets, mostly those in China, it seems to be the end of this beginning. Several companies have gone back to torturing animals for beauty´s sake – and to make more money.

“There’s nothing beautiful about dripping chemicals into gentle rabbits’ eyes or rubbing substances onto their abraded skin—yet cosmetics companies such as Estée Lauder and Revlon are paying to have it done anyway.

After more than 20 years of operating cruelty-free, these companies are paying for archaic product tests that poison and kill rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and other animals, in order to sell their products in China. It’s a disappointing backslide into cruel testing policies—and one that Estée Lauder and Revlon made in secret, without informing their customers about…

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