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Stop the massacre

In November, more than 500 000 animals will be sacrificed in Nepal. Please sign to stop the sacrifices.

Sign here.

The petition is in German.

Fill in the fields like this:

First name, Last Name
Email address, Country.

There’s also a field for phone number, but I’m assuming that’s just for Germans.


Vegan who writes, reads, watches movies, loves animals... Vegan, som skriver, läser, ser på film, älskar djur, står på de svagas sida. Författare, bokförläggare, korrekturläsare och språkmästare.

6 thoughts on “Stop the massacre

    1. Yes, what a nightmare. And they don’t seem to care what other people think. Maybe it’s mainly illiterate people who are doing this? I hope the authorities will at least pay attention to the protests and ban the practice.

    1. That’s great. I’ll try to help you.

      Do you see the white fields to the right on the page? That’s where you add your info. In the first white field you put your first name, then in the second, your last name. The long white field is where you type your email address. Then the small field to the left, is where you type your country. You probably won’t want to use your phone number here, so ignore the last field. Then click the big red button where it says Abschicken.

      I hope that helps. You could also run the page through Google translate, if you want.

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