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Second appeal: Please Urge Texas Bar to Ditch Cruel Live-Fish ‘Shots’

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Hoping to draw in customers, Redneck Heaven Restaurant & Bar in Texas, with locations in Lewisville, Forth Worth, and Arlington, reportedly offers a drink called the “Minnow Bomb,” which is made by forcing live fish into shot glasses filled with liquor for customers to swallow. This is not only dangerous to humans because of potential parasite and disease (salmonella) transmission but also exceedingly cruel to the tiny animals forced to endure this agonizing experience. Fish are complex beings who possess personalities, form bonds and communicate with each other, grieve when others are lost, and, according to experts, have a huge capacity for suffering. Being roughly handled, immersed in alcohol, and consumed alive is an undoubtedly horrific ordeal for these defenseless creatures who have no means of escape. They need your voice now!

Please politely urge Redneck Heaven to stop this cruelty. And forward this alert far and wide!


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