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Urge Feds to Scrap Mass Poisoning on South Farallon Islands

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is accepting public comments on its proposed plan to drop poison pellets from helicopters in an attempt to eradicate mice from the South Farallon Islands. The FWS claims that this mass poisoning initiative is needed to keep owls—who are apparently drawn to the islands because of the rodent population—away from protected storm-petrel birds, yet eradicating rodents will not keep predators away from birds, so this management strategy is horribly flawed. Your voice is needed!

Poisons cause immense suffering: Victims experience convulsions, vomiting, internal bleeding, gradual cardiac collapse, and a variety of other reactions that result in horrific pain and a slow, agonizing death that can take days. Not only is this method exceedingly cruel, it is also indiscriminate, posing a danger to birds, other mammals, and aquatic life. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency banned brodifacoum and other rodenticides for consumer use…

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