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Beauty From the Inside Out!

Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! DeDe here. 

Today I have an important tip for all of you. Beauty is NOT synonymous with self-worth.

In 2013, young girls are still being conditioned to view their worth by their beauty.

And why not? Beautiful people tend to make higher salaries. They are less likely to be found guilty in a court of law.

And like attracts like.  A study of friendships among women found that many of you choose friendships based on similar attractiveness.

Last year, CNN did a series on how we see beauty, and they found that babies respond more to symmetrical faces, those that we consider beautiful. We also know that those with asymmetrical faces are more likely to come from “difficult or deprived” backgrounds.

In other words, those who are beautiful are more likely to have easier lives, and those people tend to stick together.

But is beauty…

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