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ACTU Animaux – free daily clicks to help animals in France

This is a wonderful click-to-donate site. It’s French, but you should be able to figure out how to use it anyway.

It works like this: ActuAnimaux helps local rescues raise money by having visitors to the site click to donate five times a day. It’s also helps if you click any ads you see on the site. Many of them will be relevant to your location. Sometimes there are also commercial videos to watch.

Below the photos and the description of the animal/s, you can follow the donation progress. When the progress bar reaches 100 % the animal is sponsored. It can then be adopted, if it’s adoptable. On a few, sad but rare occasions an animal dies while everyone is trying to raise money for its care.

You can sign up and get a profile page. It’s alright to use English, if you don’t know any French. There is also a forum and other community aspects. I haven’t used them much, even if I do know a bit of French. Sometimes there will be news and updates. If you’re curious about the rest of the site, just use a translator. Click here to visit the site and begin to click and watch (if there’s a video, it varies).



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