We Borrowed a Shelter Dog to Go Hiking. You Can — And Totally Should — Too

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It was a beautiful fall day, perfect for going for a hike. So my friend Rebecca and I, and my dog Murray, stopped by a local animal shelter to pick up a dog to join us.


I’d heard about — and desperately wanted to try — programs that let visitors take shelter dogs out hiking, in Hawaii, Utah and Colorado.

Not being on a vacation at the moment, alas, I was excited to learn that the greater D.C. area has an increasing number of shelters and rescue groups that will lend out their dogs for day trips.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington, in Northern Virginia, is establishing this sort of program; Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Maryland launched their version in September.

Rebecca and I got Marla the pit bull from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, which has made dogs available to…

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The Ugly Side of Beauty

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The European Union banned all testing on animals for cosmetics. People thought this was the beginning of the end to all animal testing. Sadly, with the opening of new markets, mostly those in China, it seems to be the end of this beginning. Several companies have gone back to torturing animals for beauty´s sake – and to make more money.

“There’s nothing beautiful about dripping chemicals into gentle rabbits’ eyes or rubbing substances onto their abraded skin—yet cosmetics companies such as Estée Lauder and Revlon are paying to have it done anyway.

After more than 20 years of operating cruelty-free, these companies are paying for archaic product tests that poison and kill rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and other animals, in order to sell their products in China. It’s a disappointing backslide into cruel testing policies—and one that Estée Lauder and Revlon made in secret, without informing their customers about…

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7 Facts That Prove Your Day-To-Day Choices Can Actually Have An Environmental Impact

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Everyone thinks their contribution to being sustainable won’t make a difference. That is simply untrue.

The power of one person “going green” can have a much bigger impact on the world around us than we realize. According to the NRDC, a pound of carbon dioxide could fill a ballon the size of an exercise ball — and the average American releases the equivalent of 57 pounds of carbon dioxide, or 57 of these balloons, into the atmosphere every day.

Below are some examples that illustrate how even our seemingly small environmental efforts are changing the world around us, brought to you in our partnership with NRG.

Participating in Meatless Monday: Can save the equivalent of 1,089 balloons of carbon… if not more.


In 2012, a discussion on NPR’s Morning Edition show confirmed what many of us already knew to be true: Americans eat a lot of meat. In fact, the…

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Magpie-Losing her happy spirit stuck in shelter-Adopt/Foster her!

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Meet MAGPIE! (A23558862) Magpie is a 50 pound, 1-2 year old Terrier/Pit Bull mix. This sweet girl was found roaming the city streets all by herself. She is a friendly dog who likes to wiggle all around when she sees you coming. She absolutely loves people! She also loves to play with toys, especially the squeaky ones! When she’s out in the yard she enjoys chasing tennis balls all over the place.This polite gal will also bring them back to you and drop them very nicely so that you’ll toss them to her again. Maggie Pie sits nicely for treats and takes them so gently from your hand. Oh and she walks wonderfully on a leash too. Her coat is mostly brindle but her face is all white and has a great doggie smile that you just can’t ignore. Magpie has done will with the dogs she’s met…

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