Teach Your Children Well

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A PETITION TO TEACH CHILDREN RIGHT—HAVING A CHILD READ ABOUT “BAMBI”, and then teaching them to kill animals, or partake in what others kill, is a destructive to their psyches and their bodies….please, sign and share below, to say we must teach ANIMAL RIGHTS IN SCHOOLS…this is the only way, to ensure a kinder and GENTLER WORLD….thanks, Animal Freedom Fighters…


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Why It’s Great to Grow Kale Indoors

Why It’s Great to Grow Kale Indoors

Kale is the “it” superfood of the 2010s, the mason jar of the vegetable kingdom. And with good reason! This dark green member of the cabbage family, whether flat-leaf or curly, packs an incredibly healthy punch. While it has become widely available in mainstream grocery stores (sales of kale have increased an impressive 400 percent since 2008), there are many advantages to cultivating it in your home garden. Even in the depths of winter, you can still enjoy fresh kale leaves easily and inexpensively if you grow your own indoors.

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